What is Covington Arts?

Covington Arts is a city-wide arts and cultural initiative which exists as part of the Economic Development Division of the City of Covington.

Considering arts and culture as important mechanisms for revitalization, Covington Arts believes in four values: Attract, Unite, Evolve, Thrive. These values become the basis for what we see and do. Here's a little break down of how it works.

Attract is how we bring attention to all of the cool and creative things happening in Covington. How do we do it? Marketing through promotion of exciting and unique arts and cultural opportunities, our bi-monthly events calendar, Full Spectrum - the Fall Celebration of Arts and Culture, and our website.

Unite is our engine for growth. The way we build community is by engaging our partners, maximizing their inter-connectivity, and supporting them with our marketing platforms. 

Evolve is what we are doing now. By developing unique programs, events, and exhibitions we are developing a new model for arts sustainability in the 21st century.

Thrive is where we're going. Establishing cohesive mechanisms for collaboration ensures our creative future.

To help further this initiative, the Covington Arts Center, located at 27 West 7th Street, is the headquarter office of the Art Director and venue for Covington Arts exhibition and programs.

The center is a public resource center for local artists, businesses, and the creative community with approximately 5,000 square feet of programmable space including an art gallery, conference room, and educational facility.